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Deadbolt Install & Repair

Deadbolt Install

When do you think is the perfect time to install a deadbolt in your home? Should you keep using your deadbolt, or it’s time for a repair? These questions are super important if you consider the security of your property a priority. Here in Dallas, many people wait until a break-in or lock themselves out. This is due to a faulty deadbolt system before making the right move. But do you have to wait until then before installing or repairing your deadbolt? You shouldn’t compromise your security, especially as it could lead to losing lives or valuable property. Thus needing the use of our deadbolt install & repair service.

Deadbolt install & Repair – What is the purpose?

Heard a lot about the deadbolt system but don’t know so much about how it works? Here is a little breakdown. This locking mechanism makes it super difficult for anyone to gain entry to a property without the correct key. It’s completely different from spring bolt locks, as you can only get it open by rotating the key. Some types of deadbolt systems that exist include the push-button deadbolt, classroom-function deadbolt, and exit-only function deadbolt. However, if you confuse yourself about the right system to choose, our experts at DFW Local Locksmith are always available.

When is it time to repair or install your deadbolt?

At some point, you would have to realize that it makes more financial sense to install a new deadbolt instead of trying to repair an old one. When you keep fixing a deadbolt more often than necessary, you would be putting your safety at risk with a lock that is less than perfect. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Key doesn’t fit in anymore: If you notice that your key doesn’t fit into your deadbolt, that’s a sign that your keys malfunction and we will replace them. However, if getting a new key doesn’t solve this problem as it should, our locksmiths can quickly correct this with other methods, including using a lubricant.
  • Lock refuses to turn. If your lock refuses to turn for any reason, it’s time for you to install a new deadbolt or repair your old one. Depending on the cause, we will carry out a detailed evaluation to determine the perfect solution.
  • The deadbolt is misaligned. This is an easy problem to fix and is mainly related to issues with your door hinges. However, just with a call through to our experts at DFW Local Locksmiths, you will have a ready solution in no time.

System Advantage

Where a regular doorknob will fail in keeping out unwanted visitors, a simple deadbolt system will make all the difference when it comes to safeguarding your property and loved ones. It’s easier to enter your property forcefully or pick doorknob locks. To truly deter intruders from attempting a break-in that is doomed to fail, get deadbolts that secure your door effectively. Let DFW Local Locksmith professionally install durable and high-quality deadbolts that will be sure to give you peace of mind while your loved ones are safe at all times.

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