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What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Car Keys and Have No Spare?

It is highly possible that once in life, every one of you have aced the lost car keys related issue. Most people get panic in this situation and get totally out of clue what to do at that time. DWF Local Locksmith’s contact should always been on your emergency dial under such circumstances. We have many years of experience in dealing with lock related issues. Let us see in detail what reasons can put you under this situation and what are the possible solutions.

The possible reasons you are reading this article is that either you have lost your car key and looking for possible solutions for help or you want to be knowledgeable in advance in case you lose the keys at some point.

Under what circumstances you might need our help?

Nobody likes to be surprised with the fact that you have lost your car keys. When in rush or stress, you can leave your car keys at a shop and then when you return, they are not there. Or, you have closed the door of your car, it has been locked by you or automatically while the keys were inside and now you do not have a spare key. Even if you do, it is at your home and you are far away. Most often when there are little children at your home, they love to grab a hold of the car keys and since they are toddlers, they cannot tell you where they have placed the keys.

In all such scenarios, one thing is common, your keys have been lost and you do not have a spare one. Well, first things first, not to get panicked. Panicking will create more trouble let alone solving the issue. It’s better to keep reading to know what you can do when you come across such trouble.

Possible solutions

Some people like to call the car dealership directly. Well, it’s not a bad idea however, this will take longer to get you another key. Hence, not an easy task! The second and recommended option is to call the DWF Local Locksmith. Our mobile service will help the technician to get to your place of trouble and help you by replacing the key or opening the door for you without any delay. The technicians of our team are knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, licensed and experts in what they do. You can put your trust in them without thinking twice.

What important information is needed?

The process becomes quick when the locksmith has all the necessary information to deal with the issue for example the type of car key. Because it is very necessary to know whether they key is a transponder key or a simple mechanical one. So be it a pro, this information is a must to pass on. Because when it comes to a transponder or a smart key, it involves a lot of electronic components since it needs to be handled by a professional locksmith only. A transponder key is like a smart key. It doesn’t even need to be put in to start the car. Although they are meant to lessen your lock related hassles however, if the key gets lost, the trouble is much more than a traditional one.

This key has a complex system so it needs special knowledge, experience and equipment. This also will cost you more than a traditional key related issues. Same is the case with a smart key however a bit less advance than the transponder key. Then there are valet keys whose functions are limited. Last but not the least, the most common ones are the mechanical keys whose replacement is not costly and difficult as compared to the previous ones. All it requires is a cutting machine and a key blank.

Factors for cost

If you are in need of a car key replacement then be assured that its cost depends upon various factors. The most important one has been discussed in detail above. At DWF local locksmith we have our own pricing policy and we offer the best affordable rates in town. The safety which a reputable and licensed car locksmith gives you is worth the cost especially when you have lost the key in the middle of nowhere and need an instant solution.

The time and distance also add to the cost factory. Although most of the locksmiths are available 24/7 however, local locksmith is always a good option to opt for since the technician will not have to travel all the way from another town to solve your problem.


Summing up, yes it might sound like a miracle to get a replacement of the car key without having the original one, but that is where the experts come in. the expert might need while information about your car, model, key type, special tools and year of car’s make. In case of a smart and transponder key, the car locksmith will also need to program it.

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