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How Smart Are Smart Locks?

When talking about smart locks, they are smart home devices that are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth based so that you can unlock your house doors without using the keys. You can leave your keys behind and there is no need to take the bundle of keys along. They also have a feature that allows you remote access to unlocking the doors so that if you are not home or at work, and someone has arrived at your place you can let them in without having to run back or turning them back. Smart locks are based on new and emerging technology.

You must be wondering how they work? Well, some require fingerprint scanning while others require support from digital assistance. It depends on you based on your analysis and needs which will work best for you.

How can a smart lock help you?

Lock systems like smart locks have made another home security experience with customization highlights and usefulness intended to give you command over what befalls your home. They go far past the capacities of common locks.

Many accompany both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, which builds the capacity to utilize remote highlights. If your smart lock is connected through just a Bluetooth network, you’d have association issues if your front entryway was excessively far from your smart home hub.

·        App-based remote control

Most smart home locks have iOS and Android applications that permit you to control the lock from a distance from your cell phone, screen comings, and goings, and caution you to any action.

·        Interface with Wi-Fi for Monitoring your home in real-time

Wi-Fi availability allows you to see logs for your entry and exit progressively, so you generally realize who has come and left your home, and when. This is a significant element for guardians who need to ensure their children have gotten back securely from school.

·        Interface via Bluetooth

Bluetooth availability assists your smart lock by recognizing you by interfacing with your cell phone and opening your entryway as you approach.

·        Use Multiple Keyless Entry Options

Different keyless section choices could incorporate remote opening with your cell phone, custom code numbers for anybody who requires to enter your home, proximity unlocking voice orders, and contact or unique mark acknowledgment.

·        Make Permanent or Temporary Entry Codes

Many of the smart locks let you make super durable or brief section codes for visitors, cleaning administrations, canine walkers, fixin administration providers, and each individual from your loved ones.

·        Entry Codes – Temporary or Permanent

For your visitors, you can create permanent or temporary codes for entry. This is a convenient option for visitors or service providers like repair services, cleaning services, dog walkers, etc.

·        Permit Auto-Lock Settings

Auto-locking choices let you set your smart lock to lock the entryway consequently if it’s been left open for a particular measure of time.

·        Trigger Auto-Locking When Outside a Designated Perimeter

Perimeter auto-locking can lock your entryway consequently on the off chance that your cell phone’s area is recognized beyond an assigned border from your home. (This is otherwise called geo-fencing).

·        Send Alerts to Your Smartphone

Get alerts and notifications on your cell phone assuming somebody attempts to break in or alters the smart lock. You can likewise set your lock to tell the police or a home security administration naturally if this occurs.

·        Connect With Your Smart Home

You can easily connect with your smart home at any time and use your smart gadgets and home stuff through your smart device other than just opening the doors. For instance, set your lights in your smart home to turn on when the door of your home is opened.

·        Sync Your Smart Lock with Your Video Doorbell

Sync your smart lock with your video doorbell and any indoor cameras for additional security. View or record anybody who gets to your home (or endeavors to).

Normal Concerns about Smart Locks

With regards to the security of your home and family, having worries about doing the change to a system of the smart lock is normal. Here are a few normal worries many individuals have about the system of smart locks:

Might a programmer at any point utilize the smart lock’s Wi-Fi association to access my home?

While using the best practices of security you can stay connected with the gadgets of your smart home and be safe from hackers. This can be done by altering your Wi-Fi settings. For instance, require a secret word or code to interface with your Wi-Fi, and consistently utilize complex passwords. Since your lock and all your associated smart home gadgets access the web through a similar Wi-Fi arrangement as your PCs, cell phones, tablets, and TV real-time features, a protected Wi-Fi arrangement is basic.

What amount truly do these smart locks cost?

Contingent upon the brand, model, and highlights, a Wi-Fi-empowered smart lock can cost somewhere in the range of $100 to $300.

Assuming my power goes out, or the internet gets out of connection, how would I get into my home?

Many of these smart lock models likewise accompany a customary key port so you can involve it as a standard lock if necessary. Moreover, Bluetooth availability will in any case work with your cell phone when you’re in range for the mobile and the lock to get connected. The lock makers of smart know about these sorts of issues, and many have their answers for these circumstances.


Smart locks have a lot of advantages however, they are again, gadgets and technology-oriented. Many people still have the view that these locks are too much to handle due to not being so technology-friendly. Hence, whether you want to install this system or not, depends on the type of life you are living and how much you are willing to spend let along with some other factors.

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