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Five ways to maintain your commercial doors

As the name suggests commercial doors are specifically manufactured for commercial purposes and made with extra durability to endure severe climate changes and provide ample security.

No matter what kind of material is used or what type of commercial door is high maintenance is required for their stability. Basic repair skills and regularly inspects are required to check its different hardware and moving parts. These slight regular inspections will result in minimal repairing costs, increase security, and expands their usefulness.

The followings are some useful maintenance tips to expand the life span of your Commercial doors:

1.      Lubricating Portable Parts

Lubrication is the key to the maintenance of commercial doors. As your commercial door is made up of different portable parts so all the portable parts of the door must be lubricated smoothly. Dust should be removed properly before applying lubricant to parts. Tracks, sliders, rollers, and pulleys should be lubricated to expand their durability and secure them from wearing and tearing. Carefully lubricate the torsion springs to increase the mobility of your door. Lubricate all the metal rollers to keep moving your door smoothly.  Apply lubricants at your hinges only on the pivot points so that the door panels work smoothly.

2.     Testing of Door’s Balance

An imbalance commercial door results in the wearing and tearing off of its portable parts and reduces its performance. The opener of the door will find it difficult to open it and it will hurt him. Sprits play an important part in balancing your door. Check the functioning of springs timely to avoid inconvenience in the future.

Follow these steps to check the balance of your commercial door:

Firstly, disconnect your door from its automatic opener by pulling down the red handler. Secondly when it gets disconnected try to open it with your hand. Lastly, open it in half and let it go. Move a few feet away to check if it is still out of balance. Don’t hesitate to call a professional for the replacement of springs or look for other faults.

3.     Checking the Wear and Tear of Pulleys and Cables

The essential part of door maintenance includes checking the wear and tear of pulleys and cables. As pulleys and cables work side by side in opening and closing your commercial door is considered high tension parts so they should be handled with great care and high supervision is required for them. Carefully examine all the damaged strands on the cable and scan the defect near the lowermost roller. If cables seemed damaged to you try to find out the cause and replace all worn-out cables. Inspection of torsion springs is also crucial as it will cause a lot of damage if they break. Call a professional to check all the torsion springs and worn-out cables and get them replaces immediately.

4.     Tightening of Loose Bolts

As the commercial doors move hundreds of times a day, due to these rapid upward and downward movements the rapid motion and vibration bolts become loose and get prone to wear and tear. If not taken seriously, sometimes these loose bolts usually fell off and can cause serious damage to your door.

Carefully check the door opening unit of time and all the brackets connecting the door tracks. While inspecting all the bolts try to tighten them up using a socket wrench. Replace all the damaged bolts with superb material quality and top-class finishing to ensure the smooth movement of commercial doors.

5.     Checking of Seals and Insulation

Proper checking of seals and insulation damages is one of the important steps to overcome future complications. Door seals tend to were off with time, so it is wise to keep an eye on them and get them replaced if you find them damaged. This maintenance not only ensures energy efficiency but keeps the area insulated. Check the weather seal under your door from time to time as it keeps your door out of the draft, is energy efficient, and keeps the pests away. If you found your weather seal rusted, out of place, and gaps and cracks on it you immediately need to replace it. Make sure the seal is intent and working fine to keep the inside of your corporation insulated.


Secure commercial doors are considered an essential aspect of any business.  Because not only does it increases customer satisfaction but enhances their sense of security towards any business. Only not keep your business but keep the area insulated as well which is energy efficient. Apart from their design, and structure of kind, they need timely maintenance which will reduce future sudden disasters. Timely inspections of its different parts are fundamental to keep the peace of mind that your business is secure.

Finding any age and not being able to resolve it by yourself do not think twice to call a professional and seek its help.

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