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Car Remote Not Working? 5 Ways to Accurately Diagnose Your Vehicle.

The car key remote is a vital part of modern vehicles. It is the growth of traditional keys. Keyless entry remotes make it easier for drivers to interact with their cars. 

Do you know about the Smart keys were created by Siemens and first presented by Mercedes-Benz? These keyless remotes use radio waves to commune with an interconnected receiver in the door latch. Many advances have been made to this system to enhance comfort. Car key remotes use a simple communication concept and are charged by lithium coin batteries. 

Car Remote Not Functioning? Here Are Some Reasons Why?

A keyless remote is a late electronic device that interacts with your automotive to enable keyless entry and ignition control. Moreover, it carries out security and comfort for the drivers. However, when a remote key stops working, it can be highly unsuitable for you at a time when you need your keys the most. Hence, here are five key reasons why your car remote is not working.

Worn-Out Batteries

Lithium coin batteries primarily charge car remotes. The most common reason for your car remote key not working is that the batteries have run out of juice. Unluckily batteries can run out of power now and then, so replacing your remote key’s battery is the foremost thing to do. But, if you have a malfunctioning key remote. If your car key remote is not working in any case, this can be a symptom of dead batteries. You can find Alternative car key batteries at any local store nearby.


Car key fobs operate by effective pairing with the car receiver, and if your car key remote is not working properly even after a battery change. Then there might be a chance of deprogramming. So, what does it means? Deprogramming occurs when your car’s onboard system disconnects all existing keys from its access list. It cuts out the connection of the receiver and transmitter, resulting in a nonfunctional key remote. 

Car key remote programming issues mainly occur when you replace your key remotes. However, it can also happen if you accidentally press a specific button sequence on your car remote. It sends signals to the onboard computer, causing the transmitter and receiver in your vehicle to be unpaired. Can you reprogram the key? You can reprogram your car key remote with online assistance and a user manual.

Damaged Transmitters and Receiver

Car remotes work by transmitting signals to the receiver in your vehicle. The key fob operates with the communication of the transmitter and receiver. Thus, if there is zero damage to the transmitter or receiver, your car keys will not work. Likewise, the remote would not function properly

Broken Internal Contacts

Another reason your key may not be working right is a damaged key. Even with a fully charged battery and properly functioning transmitters and receivers, issues occur because of disrupted internal mechanics like:

  •  Battery terminals 
  •  Other soldered parts can result in a dysfunctional key. 

If the damage is minor and visible, you can fix it independently. Otherwise, replacing your car key remote can handle this issue.

Diagnose what is wrong with your remote?

Inconsistent Remote Key

Inconsistency refers to working your remote if you have to press one button for a long time to execute the command. It means your remote is inconsistent. An unreliable remote indicates that the key fob has battery issues and needs fixing. Moreover, if raised proximity is needed for your vehicle to catch the signals, it can indicate a low battery. Car key batteries are readily accessible and can change within a minute.

Check if the Backup Key Remote is Functional

Spare keys can be a great help to dictate what is wrong with your current remote key. First, check how your backup key is working. If the spare key works properly while running the same command:

  •  Your existing key remote was unable to perform.
  •  Your battery may be running low. 

However, if both devices are not working correctly, there may be an issue with your vehicle’s receiver.

Reprogramming Your Key Remote

Have you recently replaced your key remote, and it’s not working correctly? If yes, then the key is not programmed with your car. Besides, deprogramming can also occur with your current remote when you press a specific button pattern. You can reprogram your remote by using manual or by online help. 

Broken or Loose Pieces in Your Remote

If you have changed the battery and there is no issue with your receiver, your remote key does not function. Then there can be damaged internal contacts in your remote. You can quickly look for it by pulling the remote apart. But if you cannot see any loose or broken wire, you can hire an expert to work on your remote.

Look for Any Electrical Issues

Is your remote OK, and your vehicle can still not execute your command? If so, that is because there may be damage to the car’s electrical system. It usually happens after your vehicle has been serviced and panels have been removed and replaced. Chances are, the wires are detached and damaged during the service. Other electrical malfunctions, such as the following, can occur in conjunction with remote key issues. 

  • lights failing 
  •  car horns not working, 

You can resolve this by contacting a mechanic and entrusting him with the situation.


A nonfunctional car remote can give the driver a tough time. However, the reason mentioned above can assist you in analyzing the root cause of your key non-functionality. On the contrary, you can reduce your hassle by contacting DFW Local Locksmith service and letting the pro handle your car key remote problem.

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