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Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Lock?

When locksmiths are tasked with making a key, they are tasked with making a spare. It could be a house key that someone intends to duplicate for dispersal to a household in an emergency. Typically, there seems to be a preexisting key that is duplicated.

If you have the original key, it is not difficult to duplicate a lock. Nevertheless, a locksmith must make a spare key if the original key is missing, broken, or worn out. 

How Can the Locksmith Make perfect Key from a Lock?

·        Cut the Key to Code

It may be easier for a locksmith to make a key from a lock by cutting it into code. A key code is a sequence of characters required to create a key for a given lock. Two sorts of key codes are applied in the manufacturing of keys. The blind code and the biting code are these.

This method is sometimes ineffective since a locksmith does not always have accessibility to the required key codes, specifically when the original key is missing. In most instance the key code is imprinted onto the genuine key, or even in the instance of high locks, and key code cards are issued to owners. With the key code, a locksmith can quickly and easily install a new lock.

Furthermore, it is common to discover that the biting code is not printed on the Lock, but having access to it still gives you a practical means of locating the biting code. To achieve this, you can contact the manufacturer or the store and ask them whether they have any knowledge of the biting code.

A locksmith must use a code cutter while attempting to manufacture a key from a lock using the key code. Apart from their lock picks, a code cutter is something that most locksmiths frequently employ.

In the end, when using this tool, it is occasionally possible to create a key from a lock, provided that you already have the key code and are prepared to use it. There are many different code cutters available, but they all function in a way that enables keys to be cut to the main properties used in the locksmith profession.

·        Making the Impression of the Lock

A locksmith can also make a key from a lock by making the Impression of it rather than by decoding the Lock or disassembling the whole lock cylinder. Most locksmiths frequently employ this method because it may be quick and easy.

To bind the pins inside the lock cylinder, the locksmith will put the correct blank key into the Lock and rotate the blank key. Binding pins are essential because they will indicate the areas of your key blank that are required to be filed down. The practice of inserting and removing the key blank from the Lock will often is repeated numerous times by the locksmith. After making all the required marks, the locksmith will file the blanks down to create a usable key.

It takes several test runs to ensure the markings are precise and that the filing is performed in a way that allows the new key to elevate the pins to the shearing mark and operate the Lock. The locksmith needs to ensure they have all the tools to do the job and correctly imprint the Lock. A file, a vice grip, and the matching key blank are the main tools required to make a duplicate key.

Moreover, making an Impression needs a delicate balance, much like most locksmith tasks, so it’s crucial to use the appropriate amount of pressure and force. Extra would potentially harm the key blank and the Lock being imprinted, while too little will not produce satisfactory results.

The worst-case situation is that the Lock will still contain a blank key that has been snapped off. It will be considerably simpler if you use a little vice grip. It should ideally function as a device for both holding the key blank in position and delivering the required stress.


A locksmith might be able to create a key from a lock. If you misplace or damage your key, you shouldn’t worry because a locksmith can make a key from your Lock. They can choose to Impression the Lock, cut the key from the code, or, in worst cases can, dismantle the Lock by applying their expertise.

The sort of Lock you have will determine the technique they use. You must know these techniques to understand how your new key is being used.

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