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Buying a Home Safe? 8 ways to evaluate the Safe You’re Buying

Have you ever gone through the feeling of burglary? If yes, you must have experienced how dreadful it is to know someone has entered your house and searched for your valuables. And if you haven’t, imagine how you would feel when you enter your home and see your valuables gone in minutes?

“Nobody can fetch you peace but yourself” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Nothing is more valuable than your peace of mind that your valuables are secure in your home, and no one but you can ensure you have this peace of mind in your life. You may need to search, select, and buy the most suitable home safe. 

This blog will help you make a quick and easy decision and highlight all the essential points you must consider while selecting a home locker.

There are factors to evaluate the lockers you’re buying.

Home-safe—they’re an once-in-a-lifetime purchase and will never go out of fashion. That’s why every homeowner needs a locker and goes beyond to purchase one. But before spending your hard-earned dollars, why not take a quick look at all the ways to consider while buying a safe home?

  1. Budget
  2. Price
  3. Size and Shape
  4. Installation and Portability
  5. Safety and Durability
  6. Usability
  7. Lock Technology and Style
  8. Resale
  •         The Budget: Main Point to Consider

The proper budget is always a critical criterion when buying anything as important as a home safe. Generally, it’s a bargain; higher budget, higher quality, lower budget, and lower quality. Therefore, allocating the proper budget in line with available quality and available price ranges is very important when buying a home safe.

  •        The Price: Value for Money

With home safe, either you buy a perfect one that is fit-for-purpose, or you don’t buy one. A cheap home safe is not more than a fancy tin jewelry box with a lock. It is a long-term investment that will help protect your other assets and valuables. A good quality safe, even if expensive upfront, shall prove very inexpensive when considered over its long life and low risk of malfunctioning.

  •       Size and Shape: Pick the Right One

There is a rule of thumb, always buy a sizeable safe if you can afford one. Why? Because the more significant the size, the more valuable it secures. After all, it’s a lifetime investment. Can you not expand the home lockers all the time? So, choose wisely, keeping in mind your possibly growing future needs. Also, look for various shapes and their availability so you can work out the best possible combination of the right size and shape per their availability.

  •      Installation and portability: Mobile Safe are not a good idea

Most home lockers came in 3 levels of portability. These include access, portable units, wall-mounted safes, and anchored ones. Some need installations, some don’t. Security researchers strongly criticize portable safes because the burglar will not only take everything in your safe, but they’ll also steal the whole goddamned thing. Now it depends on what you want to install in your house, and if you have enough space to install it, select the wall-mounted and anchored one. The wall-mounted and anchored are considered the best for maximum security.

  •      Safety and Durability: The Most Vital Factors to Consider

Think about it; what’s the logic if you get a safe that doesn’t keep your item safe? Most home safes are made to give the best security, keeping in mind 3 elements.


You have no control over this type of incident. So, your valuables must be in the safe, which is fire-proof.

·        Theft

It is advisable to bolt a safe with a big bolt to the ground if it is concrete or to a load-bearing wall. Burglars are in a hurry: they need to get away fast, so it becomes difficult for them to open such safes quickly.

·        Water 

Water-resistance is an added feature on top of fire and theft protection. This feature is primarily helpful for the people living in flood-prone areas.

  •     Usability: Efficiency and serviceability is the key

Look for a degree of ease and efficiency in a home safe. If it malfunctions, its repairing services should be readily available in a readily accessible location so you can easily manage to get it repaired quickly. You would help if you did not long for the issues to be fixed. After all, it’s a matter of the security of your valuables.

  •       Lock Technology & Style: Choose it as your preference

The lock acts as a defense system for the protection of your items. There are mechanical, biometric, and electronic locks. You have seen in the movies where thieves are cracking the codes, breaking the safe, and making the scene so intense; they are mechanical and electronic locks. Choose the lock style that suits your family dynamics.

  •      Resale: Redemption or Upgrade an option

A home safe with a resale redemption value should always be preferred, enabling possible future upgrades. And if there is no more need for the home safe, at least not all the value is sunk.


Everyone has preferences and circumstances to choose from, so no one advises. The concept is to strike the right balance in terms of cost, size, and reliability.  Do choose the safe for the home wisely.

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