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8 Questions to Ask Before You Replace Your Deadbolt Lock.

Entrance security is a serious issue that should never be overlooked. It is necessary to replace and reinsert your deadbolt lock after some time. A limited resource is available to help you choose the best replacement lock. Here are some questions to consider before replacing your deadbolt lock.

1.      Why should you replace your deadbolt lock?

It is always important to pinpoint why you are looking to replace your deadbolt lock. Here are some reasons that will impact your decision and address of concern.

  • Broken deadbolt lock: If you are reinstating a new lock because of a broken deadbolt lock, point out the reason why the old lock broke anyway. A broken lock can give you a better understanding of what to buy as a replacement. Possibly the lock is broken because it was either not the right one or was poorly made. Replacing a lock will be effective only if the lock itself breaks. And not because of the key or door.
  • Security purpose: If you are upgrading your home or building’s security, learning your original lock’s security and what you are looking for in your new lock is vital. Make sure that the new lock you purchase will improve your security. Also, check how well it can withstand force and lock picking. And also have everything you need to meet your security standards.

2.      What kind of door do you have?

It is vital to understand the nature of your door and what type of lock is the right choice for it. The wrong lock selection will cripple your security and make it much easier for criminals to break in. For example, if anyone is working with a glass or partial door, a double cylinder deadbolt lock will be a good choice for your door.

3.      Is the replacement deadbolt going to be mechanical or electrical?

Even in this era of advancement, in some places, people prefer standard mechanical locks. However, many people enjoy the features and convenience of an electrical deadbolt lock. Whether for security, convenience, or aesthetically pleasing electronic locks are a priority for their home. Yet, power can be a significant issue and hindrance regarding electrical locks. But, it is up to you whether you choose an electrical or mechanical lock.

4.     How much will it cost?

Perhaps the cost will be the foremost thing to come to your mind. Although a simple deadbolt won’t be too costly when installing an electronic lock, it can give your pocket a little hard time.

5.      Have you taken the measurements?

Whenever replacing your lock, you should carefully take the measurements to ensure that the lock will fit your door frame. Otherwise, if the parts are not properly fitted and aligned, it will be a waste of time. And if you are going for the same deadbolt you had before, with the same model, there is no need to worry.

6.     Will you make other upgrades while replacing your deadbolt lock?

It’s a unique opportunity to make an upgrade to your security when replacing your deadbolt lock. If you are replacing your lock for security purposes, the best thing you can do is add hardware protection. Moreover, you can use longer screws that reach deep into the door jamb.

7.      Will you be putting an additional lock on your door?

Whether it’s a new door or you are adding a lock to your door, it’s crucial to understand your door. Although additional locks bolster the primary lock, adding a lock and drilling holes for it weakens the door, even with solid core doors. To avoid weakening your door, wear heavy locks accompanied by metal slipcovers. It will cover up the place from where the wood has been removed.

8.     Will it be a do-it-yourself job, or do you need a locksmith to replace your lock?

Chances are that when you replace your deadbolt lock on your own, you will end up ruining your locks and eventually making them worse. So calling a locksmith to replace your deadbolt lock would ease your work if you have no idea about mechanics. Perhaps, having a locksmith do your work would be the best thing as he will be an expert and have the right tools. You can also get cheaper or more effective solutions for replacing your locks.


Overlooking your locks, especially the entrance one, is a blunder many people make and end up risking their security. Replacing your locks now and then can save you and your property from significant harm. Cost is always a concern, but when it comes to your family and your property’s security, you should never ignore it. And, always go for a locksmith when replacing your locks, as they know the work better.

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