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6 Common Door Locks Commonly Used For Residential Properties

Security is a must for the safety of the home and the residential property. As a result, you must pick the optimal door locks for your perfect home, as it is always better to be prepared than late. 

Here are six common door locks that seem suitable for every home if you are unsure which door locks you must use for the residential property.

1.      Doorknob locks

The most common sort of door lock is, by far, doorknob locks. It comes into play worldwide. Most likely, the door locks on your doors are also doorknob locks at the point. This design of the door lock is quite simple. It is popular in interior areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. And it is not advised for entryways like the front and back doors. 

The doorknob locks only offer the tiniest measure of safety. When force is applied, they often break effortlessly. 

However, there is a huge flood of various doorknob designs and hues. You can choose:

  •  The gold-colored knob
  • A hardwood knob
  •  A straightforward
  • Also, the minimalist design for a sophisticated door.

2. Deadbolts

People use deadbolts widely in households. Deadbolts, as opposed to doorknob locks, are the most robust kind of door lock. It always needs its genuine key to be opened. A deadbolt is called “dead” because it does not contain spring-loaded machinery to start the bolt.

Moreover, it is best for:

  •  The front doors
  • Storerooms with valuable items
  • Other rooms require a strong level of security 

Double-cylinder deadbolts are a security measure that some people also prioritize. However, you may also utilize the single-cylinder deadbolt in any space it deems compatible.

3. Mortise Locks

Commercial sites, glass entryways, and residential doors all frequently employ strong locks called mortise locks. It is a complex piece of tooling tagged as a mortise lock. It is often placed in the door, secured by a set screw, and activated by a cam.

There are many types of mortise cylinder locks, such as three-lever and five-lever versions. Furthermore, a mortise lock’s lever count shows how many positions the door locks into the framework. If the lock has more levers, then surely it will be safer. 

The jimmy-resistant deadbolt is similar to mortise locks, which are also often found in flat buildings. These locks are typically a sign that the user values security above everything else.

4. Lever Handle Door Lock

When it comes to comfort and performance, doorknob locks and cylindrical lever handle locks are very quiet same. Regarding durability, lever-handled doors have a notable disparity that permits them to a suitable door locks for certain types of doors or settings.

Although it can be offered in commercial areas, this lock style is frequently seen in residential doors. Because they are easy to hold thanks to their cylindrical shape, lever handle locks perform better than any other type of lock when it comes to usability designs. 

There are many styles of lever-handle locks as well. Designs range from basic to sleek to magnify classical handles.

5. Euro-cylinder locks

In Europe and other nations, people use euro cylinder locks as door locks. If you look deeply enough, you can still find euro cylinder locks, but you cannot use them as the main lock on any outside doors. Most of the time, users use euro-standard cylinders to secure interior double and patio doors.

The feature of euro cylinder locks stops them from using it on the outside door. Why is that so? Because they are self-contained units, euro cylinder locks are easier to mount than conventional locks. Even though they have other concerns besides security, homeowners believe a lock is a sensible option for their properties.

6. Electronic locks

An older and safer style of the smart lock is the electronic lock. Electronic locks are, for example, doors that must be opened using a passcode or tag card. When electronic locks are used, they can keep a log of when they are opened and closed. It will help maintain better security methods and be useful in case any suspicious activity is observed.

This style of lock is very common in high-end condos and flats. It also has a regular key, much as the smart lock. These locks have extremely refined technical progress. It is, giving rise to what is now called “smart locks” when new stuff is introduced.


There are many door lock types that we still haven’t examined. However, these door lock types are the most common ones we encounter nowadays. These door lock types offer the highest safety, effectiveness, and design standards in business or residential settings.

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